Bavery - Arnold von Winkelried

"Banque Marcuard", one of Switzerland’s first banks, was founded in 1746, and, over the next two hundred years, it became one of the most important private finance houses in Europe. While placing loans for France, Spain and other major European powers, "Banque Marcuard" also played an important role in the development of modern Switzerland until World War I marked the end of an era.

Marcuard Latin America was created within the Marcuard Group of which Hans-Joerg Rudloff is a partner. Philippe Rudloff was the founder in 1998 and now he is president of the board.

The idea of the company was to seek investment opportunities in the region for our European families that wanted to take part in the economic development of Latin America. It is natural, that the company evolved to offer wealthy families of South America the same services that we offered in Europe.