Toppics of Interest


We listen to understand

We speak when asked

We speak your language

We trust you


We focus on your family

We protect your values

Family development is achieved through
health and education

We assist with the generational wealth transmission

We offer you philanthropy services

Battle proven Solutions

We do not experiment

Solutions are carefully selected

Solutions are tested against law, time and human compatibility

Solutions must be armored yet flexible

Solutions require constant monitoring and are discarded if weak

Steady Returns

Steady predictable returns over the promise of hypothetical high returns

We know our mathematics

We do not invest in what we cannot understand or monitor


We tap into our rich and broad networks for your benefit

We favor quality over quantity

We rely on first hand information, not secondary sources



Toppics of Interest

To deliver

On time

Readable and actionable plans


We have no greater asset



Work ethics


We stand by our clients

We stand by our partners

We work on a long term basis


We do not promise you the sky but an honest and reliable advice

If there is bad news, you will know it



Toppics of Interest

All Services in One

One shop for all usually fails to deliver

We rather delegate some tasks to trusted partners


Our counsel is a complex human process

We use emotional, as well as knowledge based, intelligence

We do not invest in computer driven portfolios

We believe in dialogues and creativity


What is valuable cannot be discounted

Time cannot be discounted

What is expensive is not necessarily the best

Pricing must be balanced


Financially suspicious on a long term basis

Often means obscure strategies

Does not appeal to us, while regular performance does


Pleases everyone and no one

We have principles that we do not compromise

Being right or wrong – there is no other result


We do not trust politics, we trust people

We communicate in a direct and honest way


We are careful with investments or solutions that everybody likes

We like to invest in boring and steady businesses

We are disciplined to resist temptations