We are financially independent and family-owned

We advise only a few families

We are focused and driven to perform


For financial assets, we want liquidity, transparency and
rock solid custodians

For others assets, we primarily seek the shield of property
and tax law as well as political stability

Survival of our service to you is assured by the use of
highly protected communication technology

We work with secure infrastructures that also safeguard
your data in both, physical and digital forms


We value discretion in our daily lifes

We have a long experience in this area


You always make the decisions and stay in control;
we contribute our counsel to make them more efficient

We assess on a regular basis our service providers and our
procedures to ensure a high degree of quality


We believe in life’s natural selection process and diversity –
these beliefs also extend to our services

You will be offered various possibilities to realize your
family’s aspirations

We will do our best to safeguard your liberty of action